Komponist: Uwe Heger

Uwe's Blues Collection

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57 Blues für Trompete, Klarinette, Sopran- oder Tenorsaxophon (B-Instrumente) und Play-Along-CD... mehr
"Uwe's Blues Collection"

57 Blues für Trompete, Klarinette, Sopran- oder Tenorsaxophon (B-Instrumente) und Play-Along-CD


Ain't got no problems man
Annie's blues
Be honest
Be smart
Blues express
Buzz off
Cool down
Cool school
Dig in
Don't be so stereotype
Don't bother me
Easy goin'
Feel slow
Fiday blues
First of all
Full speed
Get a job
Get away
Hammer on my head
Here is my sexy girl
Hiccup blues
I feel sorry
I love bluesberries
I miss you
I'm not as black as i'm painted
I've had a dream
Knock out
Leave me alone
Marcel's blues
My honey
New york
No comment
No excuse
No hurry
On the road
Quite the thing
Rock it
Sad at all
Say it short
See you later
Shit happened
So sentimental
Stay strong
Still alive
Take a break
Take an Aspirin
Take it easy
That's all about
That's the way it is
The same old story
Think about it
Thrill the thrill
Uwe's blues
What a bitch
Wild love
You are my very first date
You've got it

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