About us

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Heinrichshofen Verlag is one of the most traditional music publishers in the German-speaking world. Since 1797, Heinrichshofen has been synonymous with good grades.


The core competence of the publishing house is the production and publication of high-quality sheet music. Excellent readability and playability play an important role in this. The spectrum ranges from chamber music to contemporary music.

A special concern of the publishing house is the production of instrumental schools and playing literature for children and adults.



Main focus

Heinrichshofen & Noetzel's publishing focus is on instrumental music.

Heinrichshofen & Noetzel publish sheet music for almost all instruments and instrumentations – serious music from the Renaissance to the modern era as well as sophisticated light music. There is a large selection of sheet music in all styles for all types of recorders. Expenses for guitar and piano are further focal points.

Our team has a common goal in everything: to ensure high quality and constantly improve.

As a traditional publishing house, we are committed to a history of over 200 years. Being innovative and breaking new ground is part of our daily tasks. We are happy if you enjoy our sheet music.

The team of Heinrichshofen Verlag and Noetzel Edition wishes you only the best marks.